We are now half way through 2014 and 6 years have passed since I went online with my web-site safe-engineer.com

Cause responsive web designs are now pretty much the standard, due to so many people using mobile devices to surf the web looking for information, a design update was overdue.

2 years have passed since the last update and here I am changing the design for the 3rd time so the visitor can enjoy the contents on his mobile device in the same way he does on a PC. The last site design had lots of contents and animation requiring flash player which is troublesome when viewed an iOS device like iPhone or iPad. Thanks to HTML5 this problems are now a thing of the past.

However, a lot has happened in the meantime, and a necessary change in outlook and design was overdue. Unfortunately I have not had the time to make it earlier due to my tight schedule and the constant traveling around the globe.

I hope that in the future my job will allow me to relax a bit more, so I will have the opportunity to make changes on a more frequent basis.

All in all, more than 10 thousand people have visited the website each year since 2008, which is quite amazing considering the unusual subject, contents and purpose of the site.

My intention to create such a website was to provide a small glimpse of what goes on ( regarding
Design, Research and Development ) behind the scenes of the Safe & Vault industry, viewed through the eyes of a Specialist Engineer in this special line of work.

The website was and is still designed for private viewing considering it’s contents and nature, and will continue to do so.

Within this specialized and very small industry, it’s good too, to keep in touch with friends and colleagues from all around the globe, especially as I am approaching my 40’s, and looking back on more then 15 years in this specialized field, and a total of 20 years as a Safe Technician & Engineer.

I am also pleased (and proud) to announce that I have gained a PhD. to my Master’s Engineer Degree.

Contemplating the last 20 years, I have spent 5 years in Europe, 7 years all around south and middle america and the last 8 years until now all around Asia.
Add to those adventures, my work has taken me to nearly all european countries, South America countries, the U.S.A., the Middle East and the African and Australian Continents.


I hope you enjoy the new outlook and design of the site and please feel free to comment by using the Contact link if you wish to do so. I will then post your comment to all others in the comments section of the site.

Please also note that we no longer cover safe servicing, which includes openings, retrofitting and transportation, therefor we have excluded those subjects from this site and moved them to safecracker.eu where we will also cover safe locks…..we usually don’t accept any offers for opening jobs anymore, BUT in case you have a problem where everything and everyone else has failed or you are in the possession of a safe or vault which is worth it, then don’t hesitate to contact me…..)

Igor Matanovic

“Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss “